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Macaroni Casserole

with extra cheese

Mac/Beaver 'Shippers Community
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[ d e s c r i p t i o n ]

to follow.

[ r u l e s ]

[1] what you can post: icons, graphics, fic, news, spoilers, picspams, etc.
[2] common courtesy applies. spoilers, picspams, large graphics, etc go behind an lj-cut. and don't spam. nor use chat speak (unless it's part of your fic).
[3] icons or a link to icons are allowed; but please make sure that either mac or beaver or mac/beav (at the least) is included. if you have regular vm icons to share, join veronica_icons.
[4] community promotions is allowed so long as it is related to the comm.

[ m o d e r a t o r s ]

the community was founded by, and is moderated by, blurredlights and epoche86. it is currently being moderated by blurredlights and msbossypants. problems and concerns can be e-mailed to blurredlights@livejournal.com.

taintly_faded and risqy_icons will be holding fanfic/drabble challenges for our favorite 'ship. blurredlights will hold the bi-monthly icon challenges.

[ o t h e r s ]

for more information about cindy "mac" mackenzie, cassidy "beaver" casablancas, and other veronica mars characters, check out the offical upn site, neptunesite, mars investigation, cheating destiny: mac and cassidy online.

also, feel free to pimp the community (but make sure to only post in appropriate places)! and join geek love: the mac/beaver fanlisting by taintly_faded! thank you!

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